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Green Guardian Organic Pest Control is a Full Service Pest Control Company that provides for all of your Pest Control needs.

We are a family owned business, with over 20 years experience. serving residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Eastern Suffolk County, on Long Island.
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Using advanced Integrated Pest Management practices, applying effective non-chemical strategies First, and pesticides only when necessary.

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We only use Non toxic methods to eliminate pests from structures and surroundings.
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We use Non toxic methods to eliminate pests from structures and surroundings:
  • Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Deli's, Bars
  • Hotels, Motels, Apartments
  • Hospitals, Dr. Offices, Nursing Homes
  • Schools
  • Child Care
  • Storage Centers, Warehouses
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Interior and Exterior Control Services
humane nuisance wildlife control image
Humane Nuisance Wildlife Control

Racoon, Squirrels, Bats, Opossums, Birds

spider image
Spider Control


bed bug image
Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs

Tick Control

Deer tick, American dog tick, Lone star tick, Black legged tick

Mosquito Control image
Mosquito Control

Can transport viruses. Mosquitos

termite control image
Termite Control

Active and Preventitive Services

hornet image
Wasp/Hornet Control

Wasps, Hornets, Stinging insects

German Cockroach image
Cockroach Control

German Cockroach, Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach

ant control image
Fly Control

House fly, Drain fly, Fruit fly, Horse fly, Cluster fly, Blue Bottle

pantry pest image
Pantry Pest Control

Pantry Moth, Pantry Bettle

German Cockroach image
Box Elder Bug Control

Box Elder Bug

beetle image
Beetle Control


mouse image
Mouse Control

House mouse, Deer mouse, White Footed

German Cockroach image
Rat Control

Norway rat

Common Pests

We use Non toxic methods to eliminate pests from structures and surroundings. Below you will find basic information on some common local pests.

Oderous house ant image
Oderous House Ant

Small black ant, common name sugar ant, stink ant, coconut ant.  When crushed emit an odor.

Argentine Ant image
Argentine Ant

Can cause direct and indirect damage to crops. Nest outdoors in shallow mounds.

pharaoh ants image
Pharaoh Ant

Nest in walls, cabinet voids, behind baseboards or outdoor debris. often found in humid conditions.

Carpenter Ant image
Carpenter Ant

Enter buildings around door and window frames. Prefer to nest is fungus or moisture damaged wood. Outside nesting in rotting tree stumps and logs. They do not get nutrients from wood as termites. Feed primarily on insect honeydew, plant and fruit juices and insects.

Black House Ant image
Black House Ant

Scavenge in kitchens, garbage, dog excrement, potentially spread disease such as salmonella.

Pavement Ant image
Pavement Ant

Usually nests under pavement along driveways or parking lots.

Image of black widow spider
Black Widow


Venom Toxicity- Painful bite which can be Fatal, especially to young children and elderly, venom attacks nervous system.

Hobo Spider image
Hobo Spider


Initially painless bite can be serious after 24 hours, developing blister, symptoms weakness, fatigue, nausea, severe headache.

Brown Recluse Spider image
Brown Recluse SpiderCellar Spider  a.k.a. Daddy Long legs image
Brown Recluse Spider


Venom can cause significant cutaneous injury with tissue loss- **Bite requires Medical Attention**  -builds webs, found in wood piles, sheds, garages, rotten tree bark.

Wolf Spider image
Wolf Spider

CAUTION: Painful Bite

Bite is not poisonous but can be very painful.  Does not spin webs, excellent eyesight, fast moving.

Black House Spider image
Black House Spider

CAUTION: Painful Bite

Bite can be very painful and cause swelling. Symptoms can be nausea, vomiting.

Cellar Spider image
Cellar Spider

Harmless Spiders

Cellar Spiders have long bodies and long legs. Found in dark damp places such as cellars, basements, garages. Spin webs in corners to catch prey.

Daddy Long legs image
Daddy Long legs

Harmless Spiders

Daddy Long legs, have short bodies, and long legs. They do not produce webs, spin webs, or use webs to catch prey. Do not have fangs or venom glands.

Grass Spider IMAGE
Grass Spider

Harmless Spiders

Commonly found in PA, sheet like webs with a funnel, found on tall grass, ivy, exterior places.

Image of Camel Cricket
Camel Cricket

also named humped back cricket, has long legs, brown, avoid capture by jumping feet away, does not chirp or bite, prefer damp dark locations such as basements.

Spotted Camel Cricket image
Spotted Camel Cricket

Initially painless bite can be serious after 24 hours, developing blister, symptoms weakness, fatigue, nausea, severe headache.

Garden Cricket image
Garden Cricket

found in fields or gardens eating leaves of plants, do not bite or sting.

Field Cricket image
Field Cricket

Loudly chirping during warm summer months, do not bite or sting, found in grass, gardens, organic lawn debris. .

Image of Subterranean Termites
Subterranean Termites

feed on wood, can cause extensive damage to wooden structures, need contact with the soil to survive.

Drywood Termite image
Drywood Termite

often found in Southern Coastal areas across the United States of America, can live in furniture, in wood behind walls.

Brown Recluse Spider image
Dampwood Termite

commonly found along Pacific Coast, do not typically nest in soil, invade wood on the ground that is decaying.

Earwig Image

slender, and dark-coloured. It has a shiny outer covering and simple biting mouth parts, on abdomen is a pair of pincers or “forceps.” forceps are used to fend off predators,  found in moist crevices, damp locations such as mulch, feed on insects and plants.

Stink Bug image
Stink Bug

Native to China, odor released when disturbed or crushed, found on sunny sides of house for warmth, causes damage to crops.

Pill Bug image
Pill Bug

shell looks like armor, can roll into a ball, most active at night, mostly eat rotting vegetation, found in wet locations.

Carpet Beetle image
Carpet Beetle

infest carpets, similar to clothing moths, feed on wool, fur, silk, etc.




Identification of which variety, rodent or other pest, so proper control tactics can be put into place.



Checking for entry points where insects, rodents or other pests can enter a structure. Possible areas could be pipes, doors, windows, attics, crawlspaces.



Depending on which pest, some can be treated quickly while others need longer management practices for control.

I was very impressed by the technician's cleanliness. Before he entered my home he put on shoe covers and didn't remove them until his work was completed and stepped outside my front door.
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Theresa Robinson

Andrew is a terrific Pest Control Professional. He is thoughtful, uses environmentally friendly applications and most importantly, understands critters and people! I really like his approach to his craft and think many others will too!
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Michael Daly

Andrew and his team are extremely knowledgeable, neat, clean and fastidious. You won’t be disappointed if you call them!
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Colleen Wittreich Hogan

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